Romain Laufer is a graduate from HEC-Paris, he holds an MA and a PhD from Cornell University. Professor Emeritus , member of the research center Society and Organization (SnO) HEC-Paris. He has devoted his research to the notion of system of legitimacy which allows to articulate in a rigourous manner marketing, management, art, technique, law, social sciences and philosophy. Among his publications : Marketing Democracy : Public Opinion and Media Formation in Democratic Societies , (with Catherine Paradeise), Transaction Books (2016)  co-editor of  New Foundations of Management Research (with A. David and A. Hatchuel) ,Presses des Mines (2013),  « The Social Acceptability of Artificial Intelligence : Legitimacy, Epistemology and Marketing », in Artificial Intelligence and Society, (1992), « Crisis Mangement and Legitimacy : Facing Symbolic Disorders » in Pearson et al. The International Handbook of Organizational Crisis Management , Sage Publisher (2007),  « Uncertainty Art and Marketing : Searching for the Invisible Hand » , in Philosophy and Management , 2017,  « New Rhetoric’s Empire : Pragmatism, Dogmatism and Sophism » in Philosophy and Rhetoric , 2009.