Dear Colleagues,

In 2017, a new “Best Book of the Year Award” was started by the Academy.
We are now very pleased to launch the second edition of this award which is accompanied with a cash prize of €2500. The award is granted annually to a scholarly authored book in the general field of management studies (single or multiple authored). Only scholarly books/monographs (not edited books or textbooks) may be nominated. The language of the book should be English (in the future we hope to extend this to more languages). Date of publication must be the last year before the conference (for 2018: books with 2017 as year of publication). All fields of management are included.

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Prize Money 2,000 Euro

Best Paper 2016

Managing Creativity: A Critical Examination, Synthesis, and New Frontiers
Volume 13, Issue 4, Winter 2016
Barbara Slavich, IÉSEG School of Management and Silviya Svejenova, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark; and BI Norwegian Business School, Norway

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Best Reviewers 2016

Angel Barajas, University of Vigo

Dorota Bourne, Henley Business School

Jose Pascal da Rocha,  Columbia University

Andri Georgiadou, University of Hertofrdshire

Olivia Kyriakidou, Athens University of Economics and Business

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Prize Money 2,500 Euro

(since 2017)

The Quest for Professionalism: The Case of Management and Entrepreneurship
(2016), Oxford University Press
Georges Romme

Runner Up
Classic Grounded Theory: Applications with Qualitative and Quantitative Data
(2016), Sage,
Judith Holton & Isabelle Walsh

Intellectual Property and Open Innovation. Unlocking the Value of Patents through Licensing
Maria Isabella Leone

Social Accounting for Sustainability: Monetizing the Social Value (2016), Springer
José Luis Retolaza, Leire San-José & Maite Ruiz Roqueñi

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Best Paper 2017 - Prize Money 1,000 Euro (Starting in 2017)

Runner up
Incumbents’ Sensemaking and Responses to Institutional Challenges of the Sharing Economy
Julian Lehmann, Florian Weber, Lorenz Graf-Vlachy, & Andreas König - University of Passau

Strategic Interest Group: Strategic Management

The Influence of Cultural Intelligence on Expatriate Knowledge Sharing: A Multilevel Country Analysis
Sebastian Stoermer, Samuel Edward Davies & Fabian Jintae Froese - University of Goettingen

Strategic Interest Group: International Management


Most Inspirational Paper 2017  - Prize Money, 1,000 Euro (Starting in 2017)

Political Ties and Anti-Trust Holdup: How do firms use non-market strategies to influence the regulatory control over their market strategies?
Asli Kozan - IPAG Business School, Birgül Arslan - Koç University

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Best Reviewers 2017 - Prize Money 500 Euro (Starting in 2017)

Emilie Malcourant, Université Catholique de Louvain
Strategic Interest Group: Managing Sport

Desmond Tutu Ayentimi, Curtin University, Australia
Strategic Interest Group: International Management

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