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Thursday, 6th April 2017
Sunday, 30th April 2017
Department: Department of Technology Management and Economics (TME)
Location: Goteborg

Job Description:

The primary duty as a postdoc is to perform own research, as a member of a research group, to participate in ongoing and future projects at the division, and to publish the results in meritous journals in the field.

The position includes teaching up to 20 percent of your working hours, in the bachelor and master courses in relevant subject areas (related to position), and/or other departmental tasks.

An important aspect of the responsibility is collaboration within academia, industry and with society at large. The research requires the applicant to interact with industry, have ability to plan and organize the work, and be able to communicate the scientific results, both to the public and industry and, importantly, through scientific publications.

Preferred Skills:

To qualify for the postdoc position, the applicant must have a doctoral degree in a relevant subject area of the particular position and its division. The degree should generally not be older than three years. In addition, experience from a postdoc position or qualified research and development in the field is meritorious.

We look for a candidate who can contribute to existing research foci as well as stimulate new research pathways. The applicant is expected to conduct empirical research as primary activity, but will also to a limited extent involved in teaching and learning activity at various levels. Results of research are expected to be disseminated through interactions with professionals as well as publications in highly ranked journals within the subject area.

Other meritorious experiences and skills are:

• Access to a well-developed research network as well as a professional network.

• Experiences of collaborations with partners outside academia. The research is expected to be conducted in a collaborative fashion in several different constellations within the academic community and in interaction with industrial partners. Hence, great value is placed on the ability to collaborate, having social skills and the ability to create a stimulating work environment.

• Ability to publish results from research in highly-ranked academic journals.

• Presentation skills (oral and written).

• Experience in teaching, course development and other education related assignments.

• Experience in working with project management and writing grant applications.

Our main selection criteria will be research achievements and potential. Second, we will give priority to candidates with experience from international settings, then to those with experience from other universities. Candidates with a PhD degree from Chalmers are expected to have at least one full year experience from an international setting, or another university in Sweden.


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