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Please note: Laws regulating the hiring of foreign workers are different for each country.

Full ProfessorUniversity of Venice, Ca' Foscari04-18-201806-18-2018
Short-term Research Scholarship for international Postdocs in Technology and Innovation ManagementTechnical University Berlin04-12-201808-01-2018
Professor in BrandingEstonian Business School04-06-201805-31-2018
Lecturer in IT & Digital TechnologiesEstonian Business School04-06-201805-31-2018
Full or Associate Professor in Big Data & Business IntelligenceEstonian Business School04-06-201805-31-2018
Professor or Associate Professor in EconomicsEstonian Business School04-05-201805-01-2018
Professor or Associate Professor in FinanceEstonian Business School04-05-201805-01-2018
Full Professor in Political EconomyEstonian Business School04-05-201805-01-2018
Lecturer in Financial AccountingEstonian Business School04-05-201805-01-2018
Assistant or Associate Professor in Digital MarketingEstonian Business School04-05-201805-01-2018
Professor in Business EthicsEstonian Business School04-05-201805-01-2018
Lecturer in MarketingEstonian Business School04-05-201805-01-2018
Professor of ManagementEstonian Business School04-04-201805-31-2018
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR/ ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR / PROFESSOR in Department of AccountingKozminski University04-04-201805-15-2018
RESEARCH-AND-TEACHING ASSISTANT in the Department of AccountingKozminski University04-04-201805-15-2018
Lecturer in Management (with particular needs in Strategy, Professional Services Firms, and General Management)Maynooth University School of Business03-30-201805-06-2018
Lecturer in Organisational BehaviourMaynooth University School of Business03-30-201805-06-2018
Full Professor of International BusinessMaynooth University School of Business03-30-201805-06-2018
Lecturer in MarketingMaynooth University School of Business03-30-201805-06-2018
Associate or Assistant Professor in EntrepreneurshipEstonian Business School03-28-201805-31-2018

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