Jean-Philippe Denis holds a doctorate in management sciences and is a professor at Paris Sud / Paris Saclay University. A member of the research centre RITM (Réseaux, Innovation, Territoires, Mondialisation), he is Editor-in-Chief of the Revue Française de Gestion (« French journal of management ») since 2013, the leading french-language scientific publication in the field of management. He has coordinated the "Encyclopedia of Strategy" published by Vuibert (in collaboration with Taïeb Hafsi, Alain-Charles Martinet and Franck Tannery) and is the author of "Introduction to Hip-Hop Management" published by EMS (Management et Société) - In Quarto. For the past seven years, he has been committed to the revision of the lawsuit that pitted Jérôme Kerviel against Société Générale and, as such, he is co-leading the WikiSG (K) project:  In 2016-2017, he was appointed as a member of the jury of the national competitive examination for the aggregation of higher education for the recruitment of university professors in management sciences, in France.